Privacy Policy / Terms of Use.

As of Auguest 13th, 2023.

By using Lumins's services in any form you agree to the following privacy policy / terms of use and the storage of necessary functional data.

  1. The information that is stored
    1. Your server's Id for server-specific data such as settings
    2. User Id for moderation and vote data
    3. All information set in the dashboard

  2. Why this information is stored and how its used
    1. Your server's Id to keep track of which settings are for which server
    2. User Id if the user has been punished by Lumin, it gets deleted when the punishment ends
    3. All information set in the dashboard will be deleted if Lumin gets removed from the associated server

  3. Who gets this stored data?
    1. Dashboard data is available to members of the server that have the 'Manage Server' permission.

If there is need for troubleshooting or investigating suspected malicious activity, the developer may create an invite to the associated server
The invite link is never shared with anyone else to protect your privacy.

Licensing Information

GNU Affero General Public License v3.0